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Acceptable vessels

  1. Boats must be at least 12 feet long, 42 inches wide, with 12 inches of freeboard at idle speed.

  2. Touring and recreational-style kayaks and canoes must be at least 10 feet long with seating for all passengers. Sit-on-top kayaks are prohibited.

  3. Catamarans and other multi-hulled boats must have solid and fixed decking.

  4. Speed limit for all watercraft is 25 mph. The maximum speed within 200 feet of the shoreline is 5 mph. At Lake Skinner, the speed limit is 10 mph, while the maximum speed within 100 feet of the shore is 5 mph.

5. Boats with four-stroke or direct-fuel-injection, two-stroke engines are allowed. Traditional carbureted or electronic fuel injection (EFI) two-stroke engines are prohibited.

Click here to view examples of acceptable and unacceptable boats.