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About Diamond Valley Lake

First and foremost, Diamond Valley Lake is a lifeline for Southern California in times of drought. The lake holds enough water to meet the area’s emergency and drought needs for six months and is an important component in Metropolitan’s plan to provide a reliable supply of water to the 19 million people in Southern California who count on us.

Diamond Valley Lake is embarking on a substantial trail system that will allow visitors to hike and ride through the hill surrounding the reservoir. The first set of trails are along the north hills overlooking the lake, and another circumnavigates the lake.

Other amenities at the east dam area, including Metropolitan's partnership with the Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District to develop a positive recreational environment. This includes a swimming pool, soccer and other fields and more.

Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve

To the south of Diamond Valley Lake you’ll find more than 14,000 acres of open space called the Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve. With the creation of the reserve, Metropolitan forged California's first agreement for multispecies protection and proved that progress need not come at the expense of the environment. The reserve is home to at least 31 sensitive, endangered or threatened native California bird, animal and plant species.

The nearby Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve contains some of Southern California's last vernal pools (seasonal ponds) that support fairy shrimp, wintering waterfowl, and spring wildflowers. Other notable species on the reserve include: coyotes, bobcats, mule deer, mountain lions, and golden eagles, which roam the breadth of the reserve; and a stand of Engelmann oak tees, labeled as the only protected reproducing stand of the species in the world.

Commitment to the environment