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Boat Registration

All boats must be registered to enter the lake.

If you haven't already registered your boat for use at Diamond Valley Lake, it's easy.  Diamond Valley Lake requires clean-burning engines, no MTBE in gasoline and a few other measures to ensure the reservoir remains a pristine place for boating and recreation.  It takes just a few minutes to have your boat inspected. 

One-time registration inspections are conducted daily at the marina.  Boats that pass inspection receive a sticker, which means they meet the minimum boat and engine requirements.

Note:  The one-time registration inspection does not replace the Quagga Mussel inspection conducted prior to every launch.

What must be inspected?

All boats-power boats, fishing boats, sailboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and certain types of catamarans-and respective engines must pass inspection and be registered to be allowed on the lake.

Click Here for fuel, boat, engine requirements and more inspection information.