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Lake Skinner

Boat engines must be four-stroke or direct fuel injection two stroke and must comply with the California Air Resources Control Board 2001 or later model year spark-ignition marine engine standard (or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2006 equivalent).

  • Alcohol will not be permitted on boats or marinas.

  • Only gasoline free of the additive MTBE is allowed. Boats containing MTBE fuel will be turned away. The California Air Resources Board has reported that MTBE was removed from all gasoline refined for sale in California in Nov. 2003. Therefore, all gasoline must be purchased in California and proof of purchase will be required for boats with out-of-state registration. Refueling is prohibited except in designated areas.

  • Boats must be at least 12 feet long, 42 inches wide and have 12 inches of freeboard at idle speed. Multi-hulled boats must have solid and fixed decking.
  • Kayaks must be at least 10 feet long, non-bailing, and with seating for all passengers inside the boat. Sit-on-top kayaks are not allowed.

  • The speed limit for all watercraft on Lake Skinner is 10 mph. The maximum speed within 100 feet of the shore, dams, other operational structures and in marinas areas is five mph.